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Do-it-yourself combinations that maximize the benefits of cellular and biomolecular treatment of aging.  Innovation in personalized skin treatments that act on each biological marker of aging drop by drop.

The U.SK Revitalizing collection consists of a variety of products carefully formulated with innovative active ingredients bring technology and science together in the cosmetic treatment of skin for all ages.  The cosmeceuticals in this collection enhance the luminosity of mature skin and return the strength and firmness of young skin. They revitalize, moisturize and provide a uniform look for both fatigued young skin and malnourished mature skin.  Our serums and elixirs allow individualized cosmetic treatment through easy self-application methods while providing rejuvenating action on key markers of aging skin. 

The names of our formulations ingredients such as pearl, caviar, gold, platinum and diamonds are associated with the finest excellence in benefits of renewal, remineralization, replacement and skin regeneration.  Products with high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a highly moisturizing substance, also have exclusive innovative active ingredients such as TensylTech™ and DensylRepair™. They allow immediate tensing effects, texture uniformity, increased volume and facial redensification.

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